Possibility in every situation.

50-minute individual therapy sessions are scheduled weekly and bi-weekly with a cost of $35 to $70, based on a sliding scale. We continue to offer in-person sessions at our office in Springfield as well as virtual sessions throughout the state of Missouri.

Find a counselor you can trust with your life.

I believe every one of my clients has the ability to improve, adapt, and express themselves more genuinely. They often come to therapy because they feel stuck. You may be depressed, anxious, in pain, or driven to the point of breaking but there's still a spark that can be the start of something better. I want to be with my clients every step of the way, in a relationship that can assist them in becoming who they are, recovering from what weighs on them, redeeming their past, and making a brighter future.

All are welcome here. If you reach out to me for counseling, we can start with a 50-min session to give you a chance to get to know me, ask questions, and discuss the goals and nature of your therapy. I do my best to be trustworthy, keep you from harm, and seek your best interests at all times.

Usually eight to twelve sessions is a good starting point but the goals and length of your therapy are open to discussion. I strive to offer counseling that is affordable and accessible. Although I do not accept insurance, I do offer a sliding scale based on household income and household size, which ranges from $35-$70 per session. I specialize in individual therapy for adults, 18 years and older.

About my approach

Person-Centered therapy is my primary modality and I have worked to improve in it over the past 11 years. I am also a visual artist and in therapy, as in art, I work to communicate more clearly, be more present, and bring out the beauty of things.

I believe there is hope and possibility in every situation. As a therapist I get to be with people, working through hard things; it can be challenging, but I believe it enriches my life immensely.

About me

I began my college education with a Bachelor’s in Electronic Arts at Missouri State University. Music and art have always been a huge part of my journey but I found that I also wanted a career where I share with and encounter others in meaningful ways. I continued my education and received a Master’s in School Counseling at Evangel University. I then provided school counseling and guidance services for seven years, mostly at Central High School in Springfield, Missouri, working closely with the English Language Learners. From 2020-2021, I worked at Lakeland Behavioral Health Hospital with parents and families experiencing mental health crises. In 2021, I began counseling in private practice under the supervision of Keith Wilson at New Leaf Counseling. I focus on working with 18 year-olds and older, doing individual therapy with an emphasis on personal growth, depression, and anxiety.


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